A New Journey

Ichiko Bento: A New Journey


Hello everyone! The time has finally come to introduce ourselves and say we have fully launched! Welcome to Ichiko Bento! *Throws confetti* There are simply no words to describe how excited and thrilled we are for this new  journey and we hope you'll want to join and stick with us too see how it all unfolds, and for those of you who have just discovered us, don't worry! We're still pretty brand new, so you're also more than welcomed to join in on the fun!

So, what can you expect moving forward? We hope to use this space as a place to connect with you guys, share behind the scenes as we work on future bentos, learn what kinds of products you guys wanna see more of and if you have any feedback - which is always super appreciated! - and just all around hang with you guys!

In the meantime, feel free to explore the completely redesigned Ichiko Bento website and all the new features we've added, like a review of what's in the current month's bento, so that if you missed out on that one, but want to know what kind of things you can expect the next months' bento to include before subscribing you can get a mini-preview of it!

Alright, that's us for now, but don't worry, we'll see you very soon in the next post. Take care!

- The Ichiko Bento Team